Route Survey Update – 20 July 2013

Having spent many months in research, we can now officially launch our latest event encompassing many of the highlights of the north and western states of India. This latest escapade is provisionally planned to start and finish in Mumbai on 9 September 2014 covering 30 days and almost 7,000 kilometres. Lally has flights and a vehicle booked to begin the Route Survey on 13 August this year. When we arrive, the monsoon will still be in full swing in the southern section of our route but I have worked in India in the past and am acutely aware that we must expect the unexpected and therefore need to give ourselves a comfortable time-frame. Firstly, surveying congested city streets can be time-consuming, secondly, research of the far western deserts of Rajasthan will not be affected by the monsoon, and finally, the Himalayan portion of the route (also not affected by monsoon) provides a narrow window of opportunity for travel before snow closes the high-altitudes regions; it is for these reasons we will need to cope with wetter weather for the first portion of the survey.

Lally is working in conjunction with our Indian representative and together they have formulated a schedule allowing us to cherry-pick the more acclaimed attractions within our reach. Travelling into the Ladakh and Zanskar Ranges also needs careful planning with issues of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) as well as more rudimentary accommodation. We are well-informed as to what our clientele enjoy from these journeys and intend to ensure we meet your expectations.